About the Strategy

The Seneca County Economic Development Strategy is intended to foster a shared approach to improving the economy of Seneca County.  The project involved economic analysis combined with ongoing dialogue with stakeholders in the County’s economy about important issues and opportunities.  The result is an action plan addressing these opportunities and challenges that also reflects and builds upon the capacity of the Seneca County’s stakeholders.

In the draft plan, economic development is defined as “the establishment of policies, practices or programs that support the ability of businesses in the County to retain, create or attract new jobs and/or wealth to improve quality of life in our communities.” As such, strategy is intended to define an overall approach by which the county can compete for jobs and investment in the private sector.

In addition to extensive data analysis, the Seneca County Economic Development Strategy was also the product of consultation with a wide variety of stakeholders in the County. The effort was facilitated by Fairweather Consulting and overseen by a project steering committee that began meeting in July of 2018.  This committee consisted of representatives from key industries and government sectors in the County including manufacturing, agribusiness, tourism, banking and services, health care, education, workforce development, the IDA, the Board of Supervisors and the Chamber of Commerce. Thirty-three individuals from businesses and organizations throughout the County were interviewed during this process.